Are you the Princess or Priestess of your Life?

Have you ever wondered why you get stuck in reactivity?

Why you keep repeating the same old patterns, and it feels like the world is turning to shit and you are the victim of it, and it feels like there’s nothing you can do to change this reality you are living in?



There is something you can do, and that’s something is:

The reclamation of the feminine!

By reclaiming rites of passage, you have the ability to move out of wounded maiden and into the mother archetype, or as I like to call it, moving from the princess to the priestess of you life.

Here at Awaken Divine Feminine, we are about helping women to reclaim their power, to step out of the wounded feminine and to provide a space for all women to truly reclaim the wisdom and knowledge that is our birthright.

This wisdom and knowledge would have once been handed down to us as we participated in the rites of passage at each turning point on the wheel of life. This cyclical wisdom, the wisdom of the feminine is a deep and soulful calling to return to the ways of being woman.

For thousands of years, the patriarchy has used the age old war tactic on women, to divide and conquer. They outlawed women’s circles, took down our red tents and began raising our young girls as they did the boys so that girls would never learn of the power that resided within them, the power that can and will birth a new world order, the power that loves, heals and nourishes all of life.

Instead, in todays society, women are disconnected from this cyclical wisdom, they are detached from their own hormonal rhythms and so many of us are being taught to turn a blind eye to the rape and pillage that is happening to the great mother Earth.

With this disconnection we and the earth and lost, wounded, waiting…

Waiting for what?

Waiting for the rise of the goddess from her dark moon phase, and as she rises so to will we as women reclaim our sacred rites of passage and reconnect to the wisdom and power we hold within.

Because of this loss of rites of passage and sacred women’s business, women are ageing but in most cases we are all getting stuck in the wounded maiden archetype – laying in wait for our prince to rescue us.

The maiden is the energy of a young women from menarche (first bleed) to approximately 26yrs of age (the age when she would have been initiated into the mother archetype). The maiden is the adventurous, rebellious, reactive, gives no F#%k kinda girl.

The maiden is associated with Spring time energy, youth, beauty and in a wounded world our society treasures this maiden, they praise her youthfulness and in turn scorn women who start to age.

Even the roses we see as beautiful are those in the tightly held bud, not yet ready to bloom, not yet ready to show itself for all its glory and beauty.

Instead of honouring the rite of passage into mother or priestess, society sends our women subliminal messages to hide their wrinkles, to dye their grey hair, to punish the body to avoid the curves that come with age…

But what of the mother? What happened to sitting in circle with other women where we would share our stories and learn the ways of wisdom from our elders. What of the conscious rites of passage to release this maiden energy and step strongly and powerfully into mother…

AN ancient American Indian saying says:

When a young girl gets her first bleed – she meets her power

During her bleeding years – she practices her power

When she moves through menopause – she owns her power

When we deny the rite of passage from maiden to mother we are keeping our society in reactivity, victimhood and eternally seeking validation and worth outside of ourselves. Like the Disney princesses sleeping in their glass coffins awaiting the princes kiss, we too are raised to believe that we too need to be rescued for life to feel complete.

And god forbid you do age, then you are depicted as the wicked step mother, or the evil queen.

Can you see a theme?

Do not let women step into their power, do not go into the woods for you may meet the witch… Shouldn’t it be: Please go into the darkness for you might meet the witch and she will be you!

The passage form maiden to mother (or any rite of passage for that matter) calls for a descent into the unknown, into the underworld. Like Inanna, Persephone, and other goddess myths, the descent is a necessary part of having parts of us die (the maiden princess) so that something new can be born (the mother priestess).


When we do have the opportunity to fully step into the mother priestess archetype in our lives, this is a place where we are so empowered that life no longer happens to us, It happens through us. We become the ultimate creator of everything within our life, we become the authority, the author, where you know you are enough, you know your value and you rise rooted ready to roar!.

But yet, as women in todays modern world, we haven’t been given the opportunities or the tools to be able to step out of child and into maiden, or from maiden princess to mother priestess.

Instead what are we also doing at that time when child turns into maiden? We are often giving our young girls the pill or suppressive hormone replacement therapy to instil the story, the belief that her cycle is annoying, painful, and needs to be avoided. Like bleeding is something that you just have to put up with every month and get on with life – Take a painkiller, use tampons so it doesn’t effect your activity levels and just keep doing what you’re doing. ☹

If instead we had the early education, if we sat in conversation with our aunties, cousins, mothers and grandmothers who spoke about their sacred blood rites, we would become educated in the fact that women have a 2nd biological clock.

This 2nd biological clock is the manifestation cycle – It is that one cycle that repeats itself throughout life and it is called the Infraidian Rhythm.

Our Infradian rhythm is a 27 to 29 day monthly cycle. The cycle of our hormonal system and also the cycle of the moon,

It is no coincidence that women follow the same cycle as the moon. The moon is all about our bodies, it’s about the feminine, it’s about emotions, It’s about connecting to the soul. And this was what we were taught in ancient rights of passage in ancient women circles, in the red tent monthly gatherings with women.

It is so important as women to align with the infradian rhythm, to align with the moon and to reclaim our blood rites as a community, as a sisterhood, for the a reclamation of our power, so we can finally as mature women move out of the wounded maiden princess and become the mother priestess of our lives.

To hear more about this ancient rite of passage and how you can begin to walk the brige from wounded maiden princess to empowered mother queen, listen to the podcast episode “Maiden to Mother” here.

Let us rise rooted together, let us move out of playing victim, seeking sympathy, or waiting to be rescued and then mistaking that for the love we yearn for, the love we can only ever find from being capable of giving ourselves cherishing mother love.

You are worthy, You are enough, you are the mother priestess!

With all my love and Light



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