Aries Full Moon September 29th, 2023

I dance with grace, and I charge with passion. In harmony and authenticity, I find my true expression.
-Aries Full Moon Mantra

Hello Sister,

EveningStar here, and today, we’re venturing into the cosmic wonderland of the upcoming Full Moon in Aries. As we stand at the threshold of this celestial event, I invite you to take a deep breath and prepare for a journey into the fiery depths of your soul.

The Cosmic Dance: Libra’s Grace Meets Aries’ Fierce Passion

This Full Moon, occurring in the pioneering sign of Aries, is like a dance between two cosmic partners, where grace and passion intertwine. With the sun nestled in the arms of harmonious Libra, opposing the moon in the daring sign of Aries, we find ourselves in the midst of a celestial tango.

Imagine Libra as the graceful ballroom dancer, moving with elegance and poise, seeking equilibrium and harmony. In contrast, Aries is the fearless warrior, bold and unapologetic, charging into the fray with unbridled passion. It’s a cosmic call to balance the scales of our lives with both poise and authenticity.

A Deeper Cosmic Connection: The Astrological Map

Now, let’s take a peek at the astrological map of this Full Moon. Picture it as a treasure map, guiding us to the hidden gems of our psyche.

In Libra, the sun illuminates themes of partnership, balance, and diplomacy. It encourages us to seek harmony in our relationships and find the equilibrium between self (aries)and other (libra). With Mars, the fiery ruler of Aries, also present, our warrior spirit is ignited, urging us to assert our needs and desires with courage.

The Part of Fortune and the South Node in Libra invite us to reflect on our past patterns in relationships. It’s a cosmic nudge to release what no longer serves our quest for harmony and balance.

In Aries, the moon invites us to connect with our inner warrior, the part of us that’s unafraid to chase our desires and assert our individuality. Chiron, the wounded healer, stands nearby, offering a chance to heal old wounds related to our identity and self-expression.

The Ascendent and the North Node in Aries beckon us to embrace our unique path and step boldly into the future. It’s a reminder that our individual journey is a key part of the collective tapestry.

Cosmic Conversations: Retrogrades and Aspects

The celestial symphony doesn’t end there. Several planets are in retrograde during this Full Moon, adding layers of introspection to our cosmic journey.

Pluto, Saturn, Chiron, Jupiter, and Uranus are all in a retrospective dance. Pluto and Saturn’s trine with Uranus signals deep transformations and breakthroughs.

It’s a call to release old structures and embrace radical change.

However, Uranus’ square with Venus asks us to redefine our values and relationships. It’s like the cosmic rebel challenging the status quo, urging us to break free from stagnant patterns.

Mercury, although direct, is still in its shadow, encouraging us to revisit and revise our communication style and thought patterns.

Full Moon Mantra: Embracing Harmony and Passion

As we navigate this Full Moon’s cosmic landscape, let’s weave together the energies of Libra’s grace and Aries’ passion. Repeat this mantra to yourself:

“I dance with grace, and I charge with passion. In harmony and authenticity, I find my true expression.”

Journaling Prompt: Balancing the Cosmic Scales

Take a moment to reflect in your journal. Consider the areas of your life where you seek more harmony and equilibrium, and where you crave more authentic self-expression and courage. How can you balance these cosmic scales in your own life?

This Full Moon invites us to honour both our inner diplomat and our inner warrior. It’s a reminder that we can find beauty in the dance between grace and passion, between self and other. So, my dear sister, embrace the celestial tango and dance your cosmic truth under the light of this Aries Full Moon.


Until next time, may your journey be illuminated by the stars.

With love and cosmic wonder,

EveningStar 🌕✨


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