Rewilding Your Soul!

“It’s time to start living from our core, not our conditioning!”

Hello Sister,

EveningStar NightWalker here, and today, I’m absolutely thrilled to embark on a transformative journey with you – the journey of rewilding.

As women, we are often conditioned to fit into a certain mould – to be pretty, polite, and pleasing.

But what happens when we break free from those limitations and step into our power?

That’s where rewilding comes in. Rewilding is about embodying our passion, purpose, and unique individuality, and allowing our light to shine bright without dimming it for anyone else, for societal expectations or for fear that we may offend.

Now, I know that might sound a little bit woo-woo, but hear me out.

Rewilding is about tapping into our inner wildness – that untamed, authentic part of ourselves that has been suppressed by societal conditioning – it’s the part of you that just wants and yearns to be UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU!

And let me tell you, when you start living from that place, it is pure magic. You feel empowered, energized, and fully alive.

So, grab a cup of tea, get cozy, and let’s dive into this concept of rewilding together. Because sister, you are capable of so much more than you may realise, and I am here to cheer you on every step of the way…


Embracing Your Wild Essence: Awakening to the Untamed Self

Close your eyes for a moment and envision this:

You’re standing in a sun-dappled forest, ancient trees murmuring the wisdom of centuries. The breeze carries the earthy scent of the woods, and your fingers meet the soft, embracing touch of moss. In this instance, you’re not separate from nature; you’re an integral part of it. In this moment you are raw, wild, free to be anything and the possibilities are endless…

This, dear sister, is the heart of rewilding.

Forget about having to conform to being pretty, polite and leasing – as modern culture wants all women to be. Rewilding is an invitation to shed the layers of civilisation, to cast aside the confines of societal conditioning. It calls you to return to your raw, unapologetic self—untamed, unbridled, unafraid.

As you immerse yourself in the wildness of your own soul, you’ll discover that rewilding isn’t a destination but a perpetual journey. It’s about rekindling your connection with the natural world and with the wild essence that resides within you.

It’s about learning from the ancient wisdom of plants, the songs of birds, and the stories of flowing waters, it is a deep, powerful and profound REMEMBERING.

In the wild both in and around you, you’ll find a natural rhythm, like the changing of seasons—a time for growth, a time for rest, a time for play, and a time for reflection. It’s a primal dance of cyclical wisdom, as ancient as time itself, and when you sync with it, life becomes a beautiful, harmonious symphony.

One of the most remarkable gifts of rewilding is its ability to amplify your intuition, that deep well of wisdom within your soul. Even amidst the ceaseless chatter of the modern world, when you begin rewinding your feminine soul, your inner voice gains clarity and strength.

This intuitive wisdom becomes your guiding star, leading you toward choices that resonate with your authentic self. It’s like having a personal North Star, illuminating your path of self-discovery.

Furthermore, rewilding opens the door to profound interconnectedness. You begin to see that you’re a thread in the vast tapestry of life, where every living being plays a vital role. This realization sparks profound gratitude and reverence for all forms of life.

Now, let’s delve into some practices that can help you to begin rewilding.

1. Know Your Astrology Birth Chart: Your birth chart is a cosmic map, revealing the unique blend of energies that make up your being. Understanding your astrological makeup can help you align with your natural rhythms, talents, and purpose.

2. Deepen Your Understanding of Cyclical Wisdom: Just as the moon waxes and wanes, so do the cycles within you. Embrace your menstrual cycle and the lunar phases, using them as a guide for self-care, creativity, and intention-setting.

3. Nature Immersion: Spend time in nature regularly. Whether it’s a forest, a park, or a patch of green in the city, connect with the natural world around you. Observe the intricate web of life, from the smallest insects to the grandeur of trees.

4. Earth Connection: Dig your hands into the soil, plant a garden, or simply sit with your back against a tree. Grounding yourself in the earth’s energy can help you feel rooted and balanced.

5. Intuitive Movement: Allow your body to move freely. Dance, sway, stretch, or practice yoga without rigid structures. Let your body guide you, and feel the freedom of expression.

In the spirit of rewilding, remember this: it’s not about becoming someone else; it’s about becoming more of who you already are. It’s about peeling away the layers of societal conditioning and revealing the untamed, extraordinary YOU, it’s about living from your core, not your conditioning!

It’s time to fly our freak flags high.

Embrace your wildness, for within it lies your true power.

With love and an untamed spirit,

EveningStar NightWalker


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