Sacred Womens Circle

When Women Come Together Magic Happens

Are you ready to be seen, heard and held as you journey to the depths of you?

Why We Sit in Sacred Circle

The most common pain I hear women expressing is that they are not heard…

We all desire to be loved and to be seen for who we truly are by those around us.

And yet, we seek this love and recognition, however the truth is that unless you love, honour and accept yourself, you will never feel it from anyone else.

In a society that constantly wants to fix us for our shortcomings and speaks of so flippantly of lack, fear and doubt, it is no wonder most of us feel unworthy, unlovable, or not enough enough.

I am here to remind you sister that YOU ARE NOT BROKEN.

You never have been and you never will be.

Your past, your pain, your shadow and all of your mistakes are all beautiful when the light of love, compassion and honesty is shined upon them and you can access the gifts these lessons are teaching you.

Even if things you’ve done, felt, or experienced don’t feel pleasant or pretty, they can be woven into your poetry.

Your unique thread in this tapestry of life is so vital and needed.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience and to open yourself to forgiveness, unconditional love and a deep and intimate connection with mother earth, allows for an opportunity to walk the beauty way.

By embracing your light, to know you are love, you have rage, blood, and darkness, we all to some degree suffer adverstity…

But as nature so beautifully reminds us, it is within the darkness and in adverse conditions that a lotus flower thrives.

Sister, you too can thrive like the lotus!

To thrive, you must embrace and know yourself fully.

There is no greater way to do this than in sisterhood & in sacred womens circle.

Together we rise sister 🔥

I cannot wait to see you in circle soon soul sister xx

When Women Come Together Magic Happens

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Are you ready to be seen, heard and held as you journey to the depths of you?