Shamanic Blood Rites: Unveiling the Sacred Flow of Womanhood!

“At menarche a girl meets her power, during her menstruating years she practices her power, post menopause she OWNS her power!
-Native American Saying

Greetings Beloved Soul Sister,

It’s EveningStar NightWalker, and I’m thrilled to embark on a mystical journey with you today — a journey into the heart of our womanhood, guided by the ancient wisdom of shamanic blood rites.

This, dear sister, is the tapestry of blood rites — the sacred rituals that accompany us on our profound odyssey from girlhood to womanhood and beyond.

Today, we’ll delve into these rites from a shamanic perspective, unraveling their profound significance in the intricate fabric of our existence as women.

Menarche: The Awakening of Feminine Power

Our journey commences with menarche, that initial drop of blood signifying a girl’s passage into womanhood. In the realm of shamanic traditions, this moment is akin to an initiation, a portal into heightened awareness and profound connection. It’s more than a mere physiological occurrence; it’s a sacred offering from the depths of the feminine soul.

In the shamanic realm, menarche represents an awakening — a moment when a young woman first meets her power, begins her intuition process into becoming woman, and symbolises her deep connection with the natural world. The menstrual blood, often referred to as “wisdom blood,” or “moon blood,” carries within it the ancient knowledge of our foremothers. It’s a potent elixir, a reminder that we are participants in a grand cosmic dance.

Childbirth: The Alchemical Cauldron of Creation

As women, we possess the extraordinary gift of creating, growing and nurturing all of lifes creations within our bodies. Childbirth, the alchemical cauldron of creation, constitutes another pivotal blood rite. Within shamanic traditions, the act of bringing forth life is an act of reverence toward the Earth Mother. It’s a moment when the veils between worlds thin, and a woman steps into her role as a co-creator with the universe.

The blood shed during childbirth symbolizes sacrifice and rebirth. It signifies a woman’s willingness to endure pain and surrender to the greater forces of life. In this moment, she taps into her primal strength, connecting with the ancient lineage of women who have walked this path before her.

Menopause: The Wise Blood of the Maga

As the years unfold and a woman’s body undergoes the natural transition of menopause, she enters the final chapter of her blood rite journey. In shamanic terms, this is the time when she becomes the Maga – a powerful women sovereign and powerful unto herself, and then the Crone — the wise woman holding the keys to the mysteries of life and death. The blood that once marked her monthly cycles now signals her transition into a new phase of existence.

The menopausal blood is often seen as the most potent of all. It carries the cumulative wisdom of a lifetime of experiences. It’s the blood of the oracle, the seer, the healer. In shamanic rituals, women in this stage are revered for their ability to commune with the spirit world, offering guidance and insight to their communities.

Honouring the Sacred Blood Rites

In our modern world, the profound significance of these blood rites has often been eclipsed or forgotten. But, dear sisters, we possess the power to reclaim these ancient rituals and imbue them with renewed purpose and meaning.

From menarche to childbirth and through menopause, these blood rites are the milestones that define our journey as women.

Our Blood Rites serve as markers of our connection to the Earth, the moon’s cycles, and the generations of women who have walked this path before us. They are the sacred threads binding us to our innate wisdom, strength, and intuition. They are for us women, our birthrite.

So, let us honour these blood rites in our own lives, infusing them with the reverence they rightfully deserve. Let us embrace the wisdom that flows through our veins and connect with the profound lineage of women who have danced this sacred dance before us. In doing so, we step into our full power as women, embodying the essence of the divine feminine with every drop of our sacred blood.

As we journey through these blood rites, we are reminded that we are part of a timeless tapestry, a lineage of women who have embraced the sacredness of their existence. In the rhythm of our blood, we find our strength, our wisdom, and our connection to the very heart of the universe.

So, dear sisters, may you embrace your blood rites with reverence and awe, for they are the keys that unlock the deepest mysteries of womanhood.

In sacred sisterhood,

EveningStar NightWalker

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