Hello Soul Sister

Ever get that feeling like there is more to life, more to you? Or maybe it’s that you aren’t living your true purpose & you just KNOW that you have this gift inside you HAVE to share, but you just can’t quite work out what it is?

If you are nodding your head, I’ve been there too, you are not alone.

At Awaken Divine Feminine we are committed to supporting you to awaken the divine feminine with you. To do this you must reclaim your power as a women, reconnect with your own cyclical rhythm and start honouring and being in tune with your body, your emotions, and your cyclical nature.

You can uncover the more within you, you can discover your true and authentic self, you can reclaim your power as woman, and you can ignite your own wild magic!

Are you ready? Together we rise sister!

Start Living From Your Core, Not Your Conditioning…

In a world where the extraordinary often lies dormant, Awaken Divine Feminine emerges as a beacon of transformation and empowerment. Our purpose is clear—to guide women on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, unleashing their innate cyclical wisdom and embracing the untamed power of their feminine hormonal system.

Our Mission

At Awaken Divine Feminine, we are on a mission to empower women to trust their bodies, embrace their intuition, and transcend the boundaries that patriarchal society has imposed upon them. Through our meticulously designed programs and services, we instill radical self-love and nurture unwavering self-worth, providing women with the tools to craft lives on their own terms.


We ignite the inner strength of women, enabling them to trust their bodies, embrace their intuition, and break free from patriarchal constraints.


Our purpose is to elevate women to a higher plane of self-love and unwavering self-worth through carefully designed workshops, retreats, womens circles and more…


We guide women on a journey of personal evolution, equipping them with the tools to shape their lives on their own terms, fostering self-discovery and transformation.

Work With Us

Ever feel like from the outside looking in that most people think you have it all, that you should be happy and content, but the reality is that inside yourself you still feel like something is missing? But you aren’t quite sure how to find that something or even what that something is? If you are nodding your head and if you desire a life that lights you up each and every day, then you are in the right place.

The greatest investment you can ever make is to invest in yourself.

At Awaken Divine Feminine we offer workshops in shamanic drum making, & Reiki Healing, Retreats, sacred women’s circles, cyclical wisdom coaching and so much more, to help you Awaken The Divine Feminine Within, heal old wounds and start creating the life you’ve always known you deserve.

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