Unlock Your Inner Shaman: Discover Shamanic Journeying’s Life-Altering Power!

“Within the drumbeat, I find my heartbeat; within the journey, I find my truth”
-Anonymous Shamanic Saying

Greetings, kindred spirits,

EveningStar NightWalker here, and today, I invite you to embark on a mystical journey, one that traverses the realms of consciousness and taps into the ancient wisdom of our ancestors. We’re delving into the enchanting world of shamanic journeying, a practice that unlocks the doors to the three sacred realms—the upper, middle, and lower worlds.

The Call of the Shamanic Drum

Before we embark on this odyssey, allow me to introduce you to the heartbeat of our journey—the shamanic drum. Imagine its rhythmic, hypnotic beat echoing through the ages, guiding us as we traverse the boundaries of ordinary reality. The drum is our trusted steed, carrying us into the heart of the shamanic experience.

The Three Realms: Portals to the Unknown

  • The Upper World: We set out sights on ascending to the upper world. Here, amidst the celestial expanse, we encounter spirit guides, benevolent beings, and ancestral wisdom keepers. The upper world is a realm of enlightenment and guidance, where cosmic truths are unveiled. Be prepared to meet your spirit guides, your higher self, angels, or enlightened masters. What messages do they bear? What revelations await?
  • The Middle World: This realm that mirrors our own, albeit with a shamanic twist. Here, we connect with the spirits of nature, the elements, and the myriad creatures that share our earthly home. The middle world is where we seek healing, insight, and communion with the spirits of the land. Amongst ancient forests and flowing streams, what lessons and gifts will Mother Earth bestow upon you? Journey here and ask.
  • The Lower World: A journey descending deeper, into the enigmatic lower world, also called by some the underworld, the void or the mystery. This subterranean realm, often accessed through the roots of the World Tree, or through the descent of a cave, is a realm of primal energies and ancient ancestors. Here, we confront our shadow selves, retrieve lost soul fragments, and gain access to the primordial wisdom of the Earth. As we navigate its depths, what ancestral spirits will step forth to share their timeless wisdom? This is often where we journey to meet our spirit / totem animals or the dark goddess.

The Shamanic Journey: A Sacred Quest

But what is the purpose of this mystical voyage, you might ask? The shamanic journey is a sacred quest for knowledge, healing, and transformation. It’s a doorway to the unseen realms, where we seek guidance, retrieve lost soul fragments, and bring back the elixirs of wisdom to enrich our lives.

Through the rhythmic beat of the shamanic drum, we enter an altered state of consciousness, transcending the boundaries of time and space. In this liminal state, we engage with the archetypal forces of the cosmos and the collective unconscious. It’s here that profound healing occurs, where we receive insights into life’s mysteries, and where we commune with the spirits that guide and guard us.

How to Begin Your Shamanic Journey

  • Prepare Your Space: Find a quiet, comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. Light a candle or incense if it resonates with you. Have your shamanic drum or a drumming track ready. Clear yourself of all negativity before you begin. You can journey standing, sitting or laying down, whatever is most comfortable for you, keeping in mind laying down can send you to sleep instead of into a journey.
  • Set Your Intention: Clearly state your intention for the journey. What do you seek—wisdom, healing, or guidance? Hold this intention firmly in your heart. Speak it aloud x3 before you begin.
  • Begin the Drumming: Start the drumming, allowing its rhythmic pulse to carry you away. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and let go of the mundane world. Imagine yourself in a safe and sacred place in nature to begin, a place to come home to after your journey.
    • You can access my teacher, Jane Hardwicke Collings drum journey’s on spotify here.
    • Please note: during any shamanic journey, if you encounter an energy, being or anything that doesn’t feel right – ask it 3x if it is there ofr your highest good. If it is not, by LORE it must leave.
  • Crossing the Threshold: Mentally visualise yourself entering one of the three realms—the upper, middle, or lower world. Trust your instincts and follow your inner guidance. If yours thoughts carry you somewhere else, acknowledge them without judgement and come back to the drum beat.
  • Meet Your Guides: Be open to encounters with spirits, animals, or beings. Ask for their names and guidance. Listen to their messages, and trust your intuition. TRUST is the most essential part of any shamanic journey.
  • Return Safely: When your journey feels complete, thank your guides and begin your return. Ascend or descend through the realms via the same portal you travelled there. Return yourself to ordinary reality.
  • Integrate Your Experience: Reflect on your journey. Record your insights and experiences in a journal. What wisdom have you gained? How will it shape your waking life?

    Remember, dear soul, shamanic journeying is a deeply personal and transformative practice. Each journey is a unique odyssey, and the wisdom you gain is a gift from the realms beyond (my name EveningStar NightWalker was given to me via an initiation process in a drum journey – but I will tell you all about that in another blog).

    As you delve into the rhythms of the shamanic drum, may you find illumination, healing, and connection with the great web of existence. Happy journeying, fellow travelers of the soul.

    With wild wonder and boundless curiosity,

    EveningStar NightWalker


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