Boundaries That Rock: Your Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Boundary Queen

“Boundaries are a part of self-care. They are healthy, normal, and necessary”
-Doreen Virtue

Hey there, marvellous soul!

Ever felt like you’re juggling the universe on your shoulders, trying to please everyone and their grandma? Yeah, join the club. But guess what? There’s a superpower waiting for you, and it’s called “Healthy Boundaries.”

Setting Boundaries – A Superpower? Say What?

You got it! Picture this: You, in your boundary queen tiara (because why not?), radiating confidence and self-love. It’s not about building walls; it’s about creating a personal space that’s all about honouring your truth.

What Are Healthy Boundaries, Anyway?

Healthy boundaries are like that trusty force field in your favorite sci-fi movie. They’re your way of saying, “This is my space, my energy, and I decide how it flows.”

Now, let’s break it down:

1. The Responsibility Game:

Know what you’re responsible for and what’s not on your plate. Say goodbye to carrying the weight of the world!

2. Accepting Behavior:

Decide what kind of behavior you’ll accept from others, and what’s a strict “nope.” It’s like you are your own personal bouncer at the VIP club of your life.

Boundaries come in two flavours:

a) Physical Boundaries:

Think personal space, your body, and your privacy. Your body, your rules!

b) Emotional Boundaries:

Ever heard of emotional vampires? Nope, not the mythical kind. They’re the folks who can drain your energy faster than your smartphone battery. Healthy emotional boundaries mean you can separate your feelings from theirs.

Why Do We Need These Bad Boys?

Great question! Without healthy boundaries, we might find ourselves in one or more of these sticky situations:

  • Emotional Infiltration: You’re feeling someone else’s feelings more than your own. It’s like having a “You Are Here” sign on your forehead for emotional hitchhikers.
  • Sacrificing Your Needs: You’re bending over backward to please others while your own needs play hide and seek.
  • Blame Game: It’s all their fault. Always.
  • Taking on Everyone’s Problems: You’ve got a “Super-Fixer” cape, and it’s exhausting.
  • Identity Crisis: Ever felt like you’re defined by your job, your role, or your relationships? Yeah, that’s what happens when you forget who you are.

Enough of that, right?

Creating Boundaries: It’s Time for a Declaration!

Today’s mission, should you choose to accept it, is to declare your boundary sovereignty:

“I, [Your Awesome Name], hereby release the need to save the world. I am not responsible for anyone’s problems but my own. No capes needed! I am confident in asserting my boundaries. This is my kingdom, and I reign supreme.”

Part 1: The Declaration Dance

Write this declaration out by hand because your heart connects to your hand, and your hand connects to your soul. Then, read it out loud for the next 21 days. Set an alarm on your phone if you must! On day 22, burn that paper, feel the transformation, and know in your bones: You’ve got UNSTOPPABLE, ROCK-SOLID Healthy Boundaries!

Part 2: List of Boundaries

Time to make your Boundary Queen checklist:

  • The Power of NO: Start small. Say NO without the need for a lengthy explanation. NO is a complete sentence, my friend!
  • Accept Support: You’re not a solo act in this big gig called life. Embrace help when you need it.
  • Accept Compliments: Own it, embrace it, and say, “Thank you!” with a dazzling smile.
  • Delegate: You don’t have to do it all. Let others step up.
  • Don’t Overcommit: Less is more. Quality over quantity, always.
  • Alone Time: Ask for space when you need it. It’s your soul’s spa day.
  • Speak Up: When someone crosses your boundaries, be your own superhero and say, “Hey, that’s a no-go zone!”
  • Authenticity Rocks: Say what you mean and mean what you say. Authenticity is your superpower.
  • Drop Guilt: Guilt serves no one. Repeat after us: “I release guilt.”

Part 3: Talk the Talk, Babe!

Communicate your boundaries to anyone they affect. Brace for a little resistance because change can be a tough cookie. But remember, consistency is key, and knowing yourself is your secret weapon.

You’re on this journey for one reason – because you’re worth it! You’re amazing, sister, and setting boundaries may be challenging, but you’ve got this.

So, wrap that boundary queen tiara around your head, step into your power, and let’s rock this world!

With love and boundary slaying,

EveningStar NightWalker

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