New Moon In Aquarius

I am my unquie & beautiful self.

The New Moon in Aquarius is the first of 2023 and is exact on the 22nd of January at 7.53 am (AEDT). Its energy is present from the 20th to the 25th, there is an air of inspiration, intellect and intrigue surrounding this time. Aquarius’ role in the zodiac is to bring people together to find brand-new solutions for age-old problems. Their unique philosophies, incredible intelligence and wild imagination combine to create a sign fulfilled by innovation, rebellion and unifying humanity to build a better future. New Moons are all about regeneration. Like everything in life, the moon experiences a period of darkness before beginning a new cycle and being born again. The energy on or around the New Moon is perfect for new beginnings, growth and starting fresh. This energy complements Aquarius perfectly, as there’s nothing this air sign likes more than new ideas and fresh perspectives. Build something new, Aquarius whispers. Create something that has never existed before. This New Moon is all about seeing the world, the future and the self with new eyes.


The Aquarian power of this New Moon is astounding! Not only do we have the New Moon channelling inspiration to us, but Saturn and Venus are conjunct in the same sign. These planets work together to bring up themes of commitment (or being free of commitment), especially when it comes to love and money. While we may feel restricted in some ways right now, the actions we take now will begin to pay off exponentially over the next few months. We are also about to enter a period where Uranus (Aquarius’ ruler) goes direct. This transit is set to revolutionize the way we (personally and globally) deal with finances, specifically breaking free of old habits, debts and other restraints.

When working with this New Moon, begin with connecting with your mind in a healthy, positive way. Meditation, journaling, reading and writing are great ways to make the most of the intellectual energy in the air. If you have projects you’ve been waiting to launch (especially unique, collaborative or academic ones), now is the time to do it! This is also a great time to connect to your most unique, authentic self. Tap into the parts that are really you, the more unconventional the better. Aquarius loves to show us why we were born the way we were, and that our truest selves have a role in this life. If you’re looking for your next project; brainstorm, experiment and set intentions. This is also a great time to be around other people  and make connections. Finally, when you’ve exhausted your inspiration and brainpower, relax with a good book, do some birdwatching, tinker with something that needs building or do something else that piques your interest and mind without exhausting you.


If you bleed with the New Moon, now is a time to plan your next project or next step towards your goal. Your creative energy is crazy high right now, but your physical energy is not. Curl up, rest, and let inspiration come to you in its own time. If you’re stuck on a particular problem, now is when you are best primed to come up with new and better solutions. But don’t work on anything that stressed you out. Use this time to remember you are here to do more than just go through the motions.


If you ovulate on the New Moon, you have the power to enact your greatest and newest projects. Now is the time to bring them to life! You are also primed to connect with others, specifically friends, community groups and people who engage you in interesting and thought-provoking discussions. And remember to have fun! Aquarius can take things a little serious at times, so don’t let it rob you of your ovulatory glow!

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