Healing the Witch Wound

Today we are going to look at healing the witch would, but firstly what is a witch..

I’m sure many of us conjure up stories of evil old women who put spells on you and turn you into a frog if you speak out of line, right?

For me, I have been working with healing my own witch wound for some time now and instead of having the conditioned story of evil witches in my mind when I hear witch, I think of two things…

  1. A WITCH is a Women In Total Control of Herself &
  2. A WITCH is a Woman who is Wise, Intuitive, Transformative, Creative and a H

I call myself a witch and I own every part of this title with honour and deep respect for the power that the word holds.

So why is it that the word witch is commonly depicted with evil?

Have you ever really thought about the words or labels in todays society that are used to put people down? Words like bitch, pussy, witch, sissy and even the word CUNT! Weren’t you told growing up that cunt is one of the worst words you could ever say? I know I was, but why?

Because these words hold power that’s why!

Cunt originated from the Hindu Goddess, Kunti, who was known as the great yoni of the universe, she who represented the beauty and power of the feminine body (especially her genitalia).

Pussy is also a derogatory word for vagina. But as Mama Gina from the school of womanly arts says – “let’s reclaim our pussy!” (and if you haven’t read her book called Pussy – do yourself a favour and do it!)

I could go on and on about the words that we are taught that are considered “bad” or “wrong.” But, I guarantee you that so many of them stem from words that actually hold a key to unlocking feminine power. Maybe this is why the patriarchy have shunned them, tried to stop their use or changed their meaning over time so that the patriarchy could stop the word spells being used to activate and supercharge our wisdom, our gifts or innate witchy as women.

Not only have words been changed or banished, so too have women felt that they have had to keep their mystical, intuitive, and healing gifts hidden to remain safe from judgment and harm.

When the patriarchal institutions began breaking down the honour and sanctity of the priestess and the goddess, calling the worshipers of earthly wisdom heretics and worse, when women refused to be controlled and continued to speak out, expressed themselves spiritually, enacted healing rites or simply bled upon the earth naturally, they  were branded witches and burnt at the stake.

In other times throughout history beautiful girls born into poverty or poor families were sold as slaves or sex workers. Women throughout time have been exiled, mistreated, silenced, branded or killed for purely being born female.

There has been fear, shame, and guilt that has passed down our red thread (your matriarchal lineage or mother line), which means that in your blood, body, and bones you carry the echoes of your ancestors stories and experiences.

This echo or imprint deep within can be the very thing that is holding you back from truly rising up, from stepping into your power and allowing your greatness to shine.

This is the witch wound.

History reminds us that when we do rise up, step into your power and allow your greatness to shine you would be in fear for your life. You or your sisters were burnt at the stake,

Even today being woman comes with shame around having hormonal fluctuations and being more emotional than men. Haven’t we been made to feel mad to feel crazy because these emotions override our rational mind…

Doesn’t this lead to carrying shame. Fear doubt and a sense of needing to filter ourselves so we can stay safe?

This is the witch wound.

Are you ready to also say enough is enough and to start remembering and reclaiming the wisdom of your ancestors so you, yes you, and your children, can become the wise women who steward our earth through this Great Rebirth?

The rebirth of the goddess,

The rebirth of feminine power,

The reclamation of the witch within.

If you would like to explore how to work with the witch wound in your life.

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