Let me guess...

It’s about awakening & nourishing the divine feminine within
you so you can ignite your magic & grow.

If you are a woman who is sick & tired of feeling sick & tired. If you are seeking something in your life, even if
you don’t know what that something is, then look no further, you are in the right place.

When the world shifted suddenly, you wished there was a

You know you want to! PANIC button instead of a post button on social media.

After all, there’s no playbook for posting on Instagram when the future feels uncertain

And you’ve probably found yourself wondering (and worrying, TBH) about a few things:

  • Does posting about my business make me sound insensitive right now?
  • Can I actually ask my community for support without appearing entitled?
  • How can I show up and show I care about my audience?
  • How do I even figure out what to say in these times?
  • Should I just back off from social media until this blows over?

Imagine if...

  • You knew exactly what to say and how to show up in any season of uncertainty with grace and clarity.
  • You had a precise roadmap of what to post about, when to post, and how to engage with your followers (without seeming pushy or obtuse).
  • You could finally uncrack the code to getting amazing photos of you & your products from the comfort (and safety) of your home—without pro photographers or stylized shoots.
  • You didn’t have to wrack your brain to come up with caption ideas, calls to action, or captivating words to share.

What if it was all done for you—two months of caption starters, at-home photography tips, a conclusive list of calls to action to engage your people, hashtag help, straightforward photo editing tutorials, stock photos at your fingertips, and beyond…

What if you had a 60-day simplified action plan instead of a dreaded sense of “What next”?

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Online Programs

Being able to work through your hidden blocks in the privacy of your own home can be both challenging and rewarding. By deep diving into your most sacred self while at home allows you to weave your daily devotional practices and your new way of being into your daily life. You get to start showing up as the new and authentic version of you, no more masks, with firm boundaries & one hell of a potent and purposeful sense of self.

Access Live Coaching with EveningStar,
Shamanic Midwife, Dr of Chinese Medicine & Women’s Health Specialist


The online Journey where you get to dive into the depths of you, while being held in sisterhood.

Awaken is a 7week online journey that guides you through the 7 chakras and supports you to create a daily devotional practice in your life. It is the program to help support you to bust through challenges and to transform how you show up in your life as you can start aligning with your true and authentic self.

Together We Rise Sister

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Deepening Your Connection to Self

Mini Teachings on Developing & Committing to Sacred Practices

$11 per workshop – available now

my 30-page playbook

From knowing how to connect beyond what you sell to the way to planning your content out with strategy. You’ll get hold of my Instagram playbook that is 30 pages of goodness.

Ideas and Inspiration

You’ll find 45 different caption prompts and starters to my planning method for how to make sure my captions serve a greater purpose of moving the needle, I’ve done the heavy lifting of idea generation.

Video Tutorials

Enjoy a video tutorial on how to use Instagram Stories to drive results. These are hacks and secrets you probably have zero clue about. Instagram stories are wildly effective with these tips!

Huffington post once called me an instagram expert but I prefer to be called the queen of simplification

Your next 60 days are going to completely transform how you use Instagram.

Insta Essentials

Two months of done-for-you Instagram strategy to remove the questions and second-thoughts around posting, and give you the toolkit for showing up well for your community.

  • 20 professional stock images by social squares
  • guide to rocking Instagram LIVE
  • 45 caption-starters
  • A roadmap to build consistency
  • A simple checklist for your captions
  • 8 call-to-action words and phrases
  • Hashtag how-to’s 101
  • A super-simple tutorial for editing your photos
  • A comprehensive guide to taking better photos

**Not a typo ^^

Get your hands on my exact process, snag 20 curated professional stock images, learn through video tutorials, and get templates to plug-and-publish for less than you spend on your monthly cable bill.

Here’s the deal, when I created this, I wanted this to be a no-brainer purchase for you so I’m keeping the price enticingly low.

I want to always make sure that I’m creating offers that meet you where you’re at and provide solutions at price points that don’t break your bank.