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Full Moon Activation Circles

The Power and potency I have found that echos through our virtual circles knows no time or place. Join me and let’s weave some magic together.

Each full moon we gather to open the portals of energy available to you during the full moon energy portal.

Start moving with the cosmic flow both within and around you and you will start to balance your life and awaken your wild magic from within.

Even if you are not interested in astrology, the discussion around the current astrological events are simply a way of tuning you into the activation potential that exists within you and that will be supported by the universal energies.

When we sit in sacred womens circle (virtually via zoom or face to face) you are practicing sitting in a healed sisterhood, one where judgement, criticism, competition and comparison are not tolerated.

These circles are a place of true belonging where you will be entering a sacred ritual space to tune in, release, activate and so much more…

See Below for the Full Moon Circle Dates for 2023 & click on the image to save your seat

Together We Rise

Leo Full Moon

Friday Feb 3rd 10am AEDT / Thursday Feb 2nd 3pm PST

This Full Moon is about looking within to find that creative centre, that primal life force energy and see where it is being blocked or hindered. You can dance, play, shake, scream, and feel your way through these blocks and then use the energy of the moon to come into the body and figure out better ways to create more balance so this energy can flow more easily. Leo is also fiercely loyal to those they love. Let’s practice during this full moon to be loyal to our creative expression, our magnetism and our zest for life. Let’s colour ourselves in!!

Virgo New Moon

Tuesday March 7th 6pm AEDT / Monday March 6th 11pm PST

Whether you are a leader and space holder in your community or just working to show up and nurture yourself so you can have the capacity to nurture others, staying true to the personal rituals and routines that keep you aligned is incredibly important.

In a world with so much uncertainty, it can be a challenge to keep up with our practices of self-nurture.

Integrity is defined as the act of being honest and having strong moral principles.

This means that we can call on the energy of integrity to hold ourselves accountable When we create this unshakeable commitment to self, nothing external can throw us off track for long.

Libran New Moon

Wednesday April 5th 10am AEDT / Tuesday April 4th 5pm PST

Bringing balance to your life could also look like weighing the weight you carry emotionally. Is what you’re holding serving you or diminishing your power?

The full moon in Libra illuminates these spaces of your life. It calls you to be deeply intentional around your connection to others and self-care.

Scorpio Full Moon

Friday May 5th 10am AEDT / Thursday May 4th 5pm PST

Sagittarius New Moon

Friday June 2nd 10am AEDT / Thursday June 1st 5pm PST

Capricorn New Moon

Tuesday July 4th 6pm AEDT / Monday July 3rd 1am PST

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