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Do You Ever Feel...

Like the gremlins in your mind are constantly putting you down, criticising you or telling you that you are “unworthy,” “unlovable,” “not good enough” ?

Are you exhausted by the worry, overwhelm, or worn down by the things in life that you are holding yourself or others in unforgiveness for ?

If you are nodding your head, then I believe that it’s time to connect to your Heart Chakra and finally stop letting your mind run the show and instead get back in the drivers seat of you life!

The foundation of this journey relies on two main pillars: tame the mind; call in the forgiveness process. Over 7days you will be guided on an inner journey of embodiment; of coming home to YOU.

It’s time to start consciously choosing to stop judging yourself and to heal the sister wound!

If this speaks to your soul, join me in the Heart Chakra Online Journey and move out of survival and into thriving!  I guarantee that things will feel completely different on day seven!

It’s like you know life is meant to be more than what it is, you feel your mind is constantly putting you down? And deep down, you wish there was a

You know you want to! PANIC button that sent a spiritual guru, meditation teacher or ANYONE your way.

This PANIC button is exactly what the Heart Chakra Online Journey Can do for you. It is like having your own personal coach in your pocket!

You’ve probably found yourself thinking (or worrying) about a few things:

  • Is life meant to feel this crap?
  • Can I actually change or am I really just a frustrated mole?
  • How can I show up and start being the woman I thought I would be by now?
  • How do I even figure out how to make the shift in these times?
  • Should I just settle for what I have because there is so many people out there worse off than me?

Imagine if...

  • You knew you could create calm instead of chaos in your life
  • You had a proven system that allowed you to tap into your feminine flow so you can remove the guilt from slowing down and tuning into you
  • You could awaken your passion, power and purpose so you start living a life that truly lights you up.
  • You could finally say goodbye to the constant ups and down that come with being everything to everyone else at the expense of yourself.
  • You didn’t have to feel so alone on this journey called life.

What if you could have all of this and more?

In the Heart Chakra Online Journey you will receive 7 daily devotional practices that are easy to follow, & they get you motivated, inspired, connected and calm…


What if you had a 7-day simplified, yet powerful process, instead of feeling a dreaded sense of “I’m Sick of this S#!t” or “Why me?”?

The Heart Chakra 7day Online Journey

Are you sick and tired and of feeling sick and tired?

By taking a deep dive into your Infradian Rhythm, that 2nd biological clock that governs your cyclical nature as a woman (even if you are no longer bleeding), all while at home, allows you to weave your daily devotional practices and your new way of being into your daily life. This is how you create LASTING change.

You cannot deny any longer that being woman holds wisdom and power. It is time to reconnect, to rise above and to awaken the goddess within you!


Deepening Your Connection to Self

What You Will Find Inside the Solar Plexus Chakra Self-Paced Online Journey

Daily Devotional Practices

Getting into a daily practice can be difficult, especially when tired and you are already feeling stressed or overwhelmed. These practices are designed by a busy mum for busy women so that even the most time poor boss bitch can do it! It’s 6 days of juicey goodness and powerful ideas to help you renew, reset and reinvigorate your life.

A Teaching by EveningStar

Let Star take you on a journey of knowledge, experience and understanding of how and why your nervous system is so wired by tired. Delve deep into the patterns and process that might be holding you back (that you may not even be aware of).

An In App Experience


With video, downloadable audio meditations, journal prompts, lessons in text format and so much more all accessed via the Awaken Divine Feminine App, you will have your own personal coach in your pocket! The way your app is designed allows for you to have no excuses but to do the work! Star is the least technological personal ever and that is why she designed this easy to use app for all of us (because there is nothing worse than hunting through emails, trying to find links or forgetting passwords).

A Sisterhood of Support

In a private facebook group you will get to connect with like-minded, heart-lead, soul-connected women who are on a similar journey to you. It is when we hear and witness the stories, the challenges and the wins of others that we truly understand that we are not alone! In a healed sisterhood magic happens daily.

Live Q&A

Join your soul sisters LIVE in the facebook group and live streamed within your app each fortnight to get your questions answered by EveningStar herself. These sessions may also include “Love Seat Coaching” where a member of our soul sisters Community is chosen for laser coaching. We have found that as a collective there are often similar challenges arising and this form of coaching allows everyone to receive what they need to help them to keep moving forward on their unique journeys.

Lifetime Access

You will receive lifetime access to your purchased self-paced online journey, as long as this program still exists.


I had to figure out how to transform my life on my. own, but you don’t have to!

The next 7 days will completely transform your life…

Find Your Ground

A 7-day journey through the solar plexus chakra to reprogram your nervous system, & to remove stress & overwhelm in day to day life, by giving you the toolkit for creating calm.

  • An in depth & powerful teaching by EveningStar
  • 6 Daily Devotional Practices
  • Guided Audio Meditations
  • 7 Days of Self-Reflection Journaling Prompts
  • A simple checklist to end your journey
  • Life-Hacks balance where you are directing /projecting your energy
  • Super-simple in app experience
  • A deepening of your understanding of your solar plexus chakra and it’s vital role in your life

**Not a typo ^^

Get your hands on my exact tips & powerful practices that have helped me and thousands of women globally to reduce stress, and create calm.

Here’s the deal, when I created this, I wanted this to be a no-brainer purchase for you so I’m keeping the price extrememly low.

I want to always make sure that I’m creating programs that meet you where you’re at and provide solutions at price points that don’t simply create more stress.


I cannot wait to see you on the inside sister! Together We RISE.