Hey Soul Sister,

I’m EveningStar NightWalker, but you can call me star. I’m a Cyclical Wisdom Coach & Astrologer on a profound mission. My purpose is to guide women in rediscovering their connection with the Infradian Rhythm, a hidden biological clock that dances in sync with the moon. By harnessing this rhythmic power, women can reclaim their energy, awaken their intuitive gifts, and set their wild magic ablaze. Having personally experienced the transformative magic of realignment and supported hundreds of women over two decades on this empowering journey, I am dedicated to resurrecting the sacred traditions of the ‘red tent’ and sharing this wisdom far and wide. My vision is for every woman to embrace a life filled with passion, power, and purpose, ignited by utilizing the inbuilt manifestation cycle that happens in our bodies every month! Are you ready to reclaim your power & Ignite your wild Magic?

About me

I am a wild, passionate woman, ready to light this world on fire with my radical & eclectic ways of being, seeing and living my unique & magic & pushing the boundaries of what it means to be woman along the way!

As a 5+yr student of Lynne Smith Astrology & a graduate of the 4seasons Journey with the school of shamanic woman craft, under the lineage of Jane Hardwicke Collings & her mentor Jannine Pavarti Baker, I have stepped fully into my power as a Cyclical Wisdom Coach. Weaving this training as a spiritual midwife, with my “history” and training as a Dr of Chinese Medicine, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Energetic Kinesiologist & so much more, I am here to make an impact in this world and to call forth the women who are seeking something… Women who feel like something is missing in life, who know deep down that they too are change makers, way showers, black sheep or rebellious misfits. And when we gather, when the witches awaken and sisterhood is the backbone of life, as I like to say: “When women come together magic happens.”

Together we rise sister!

My passion is facilitating deep, powerful and lasting transformation, awakening & connection within myself and my clients so to bring about a true and lasting sense of connection, aliveness, belonging, presence and purposeful aligned living into daily life.

It is creating the sacred in the mundane, recreating the daily rituals and deepening our understanding of our own unique and beautiful blueprints so we can move with life instead of constantly pushing against it!

I support women to step into their most sacred, heart aligned, soulful selves through embodiment practices, ritual, ceremony, subconscious healing, energy work, intuitive channelling & emotional mastery. I support women to awaken their intuition, access their own healing skills, align with thier souls blueprint and to walk the beauty way, connected, present and with a deep and abiding knowing that they belong!

To truly know that it is safe to feel, that it is time to heal, to reconnect to our cyclical wisdom, our innate power, to activate intuition, reclaim blood rites and awaken the divine feminine within so that individuality, truth and sacred gifts can be discovered – isn’t it this that will change the world?

The act of bringing women back together in sacred circle, for me, this is what is required for society to shift out of the patriarchy so we can being healing ourselves, our communities and our plant.

To heal the sister wound, stop the gossip, judgement and competition that exists within women is no small feat, but it is a huge part of why I do what I do…

So we can all remember the power of sisterhood, so we can all reconnect with our cyclical wisdom, honour and celebrate each other and be held, see, heard and understood, even on our darkest days.

Want to join me to ignite your wild magic in the safety and security of sisterhood?

Yes I Want All of That!

What is Awakening the Divine Feminine?

Do you hear the call for something more? Do you feel the yearnings, crave the activations, the remembering, the reclamation of your innate power, do you want to ignite your wild magic? You can… all of it, it is already within you too!

Sometimes we just don’t know it yet, or feel it is beyond us because we feel like we have tired everything but you’re left still yearning for more! Nothing seems to create the lasting change and the joy you’ve been seeking. Until now, ADF is different because here we acknowledge that more information is simply that, more “stuff” to store in your mind leaving you probably more overwhelmed than elated. What we recognise is that to Awaken the Divine Feminine and get to all that juicy, beautiful magic you hold within, you first have to go beyond the mind and dig deep into and through all the past wounding, the stories, the day to day expectations and all the collective energy and societal, cultural, religious conditioning that has programmed you into the woman reading this page right now…

But for the sheer reason that you are here, you need to be acknowledged, recognised and even referred for hearing the call and listening to the yearning that THERE IS MORE!

Your magic, your wild, raw and totally individual spark doesn’t have to stay hidden. And that is what Awaken Divine Feminine is all about, awakening you to your magic, to their divine feminine nature and shattering the layers, the triggers, the pressure and the conditioning that has been keeping you stuck and playing small. You, Sister, are destined for greatness, you have gifts, magic and a wild nature that deserves to feel fulfilled, powerful and enigmatic just by being you, and we are here to help you do just that!

ADF is not more information, it is an embodiment of total life transformation through awakening the divine feminine, priestess energy that is hidden within you.

Are you ready to let her out? Are you ready to re-wild, reclaim and remember who you are?

Then put on your dancing shoes and lets do this! Check out how you can work with me and ignite your wild magic today!

Wether that be by through birthing a shamanic drum and exploring how your own birth imprint impacts the way you do creative process in your life (even if you know little about your mothers birth experience with you).

Wether that be through being initiated into a Reiki lineage where you can activate your own ability to channel healing and deepen into and trust your own intuitive abilities.

Wether that be through attending a Maiden to Mother Shamanic Retreat to help you release the maiden woulds of feeling unworthy, unlovable, not enough or even too much and instead step into your power as the priestess of your own life!

Wether that be by sitting in Monthly sacred womens circle or by working one on one with Star to tune into your own unique blueprint and to ignite your souls calling…

There is something for everyone no matter where you are on your journey towards self-actualisation and self-mastery.

Are you ready to ignite your wild magic?

My Story

On Becoming Star

Born Kristie Hayden, Star was initiated as Shamanic Earth Priestess to hold space for women obtain self-mastery by reclaiming their cyclical power & activating the divine feminine. Her initiation showed her ways and processes to remember the old ways of goddess wisdom and way showing so she can facilitate woman to become empowered to align with their own inner truth instead of conforming to what and how society says a woman should be.

By growing up in a culture that suppress emotions, that shames woman’s body for bleeding and hormonal changes, Star always felt like there was something missing in her life, something deeper, something that provided a sense of belonging & acceptance of who she truly was, and it wasn’t until she became a mother where she was stripped bare to the core of her soul, so much so that she had no choice but to consciously find her whole, true & wild self.

Over the past 20+yrs, Star has helped transform 1000’s of lives. She is an advocate for women as they transition through all stages of life from Maiden (Princess) to Mother (Priestess), Priestess to Maga (Queen), & Queen to Chrone. Providing a space for traditional rites of passage to find their place in modern day society, it is Stars mission to reclaim feminine power through reconnection to the cyclical nature of being Woman!

It is Stars knowing, that through honouring our cycles, reconnecting with the power & grace of Mother Earth, and sitting in Sacred Womens Circle that you can all Awaken the Divine Feminine within and ignite our magic to live by, love by, & share with the world.

The world is waiting for your unique and precious magic sister.

Are you ready to push the boundaries and start living YOUR LIFE, your way?

Work With Star


“Moving Through the Wheel of Life Requires Respect, Honouring, Celebration of Your True & Authentic Self & the Ability to Grieve for What Used to Be!”

~ EveningStar


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